The Khalmax Robotics Project


sample-image The Khalmax Robotics Project is an initiative that seeks to empower children,(especially in Africa) to be problem solvers and be innovative thinkers through science and technology. The purpose of our initiative is to train children as young as seven (7) years and older in robotics and electronic engineering. To achieve this, we partner with schools and other educational institutions to provide an adequate platform to reach out to students through the establishment of the Khalmax Robotics Club (K.R.C).

We establish robotic clubs in schools as a extracurricular activity, which usually meet students atleast once a week. Through this programme children with little or no skills in robotics are taught and trained to build, assemble and program robots almost from scratch! The entire six(6) months course is divided into modules which comprises of electronics, computer programming and robotics engineering.


K.R.C employs innovative hands-on projects to get your child’s creative ideas flowing. Your ward will learn to build and program robots with Basic Stamp and arduino technology — all while making friends, developing new skills and having a great time with STEM. For many kids, robotics class is a climax of their weekly activities.

Final Project in K.R.C

After completing the six (6) month robotics course students embark on a final project and are made to build selected engineering project. This is usually the climax of the programme. Students are grouped into teams of engineers, programmers and designers. Through our training and mentorship, We select a number of projects for your child to build. Examples of such projects are: Voice controlled robot car, robot arms, alarm detectors, color sorting machines etc. Upon completion these robots are used in an external competition, where the students, as well as schools would compete on higher platforms both on the national and international front. Winners of such competitions obtain scholarships, cash prizes and sponshorships from international organisations.

Meeting times

The K.R.C meets atleast once a week. Schools which have K.R.C established usually have their robotics training after school hours. This training session takes two(2) hours. However we have have made provision on saturday mornings for students who do not have the K.R.C established in their school but would still like to join the robotics club. We urge new comers to kindly contact our office lines for registration to enrol their wards.

Are you a School head, and do u wish to establish the K.R.C chapter in your school? Kindly give us a call!

K.R.C Training venues and centres

Kindly view the times and venues for our training centres

Venue Meeting day Time Location
Corpus Christi Basic School Tuesdays 2pm-4pm Sakumono comm. 18
Koncord Academy Saturdays 9am-12pm Sakumono close to KFC
Queensland Int. School Fridays 3pm-5pm Nungua Barrier/ Junction Mall
Fountain Head Christian School Wednesdays 3pm-4:30pm Sakumono Village, Sakumono
Queensland Int. School (JHS) Saturdays 11am-1pm Nungua Barrier/ Junction Mall


It is surprising to know how my seven year old daughter could make connections on what she calls a breadboard. She keeps telling me about resistors, transistors and LEDs and how they are used in electronic components. I just hope she doesn't destroy my TV set at the rate she is going. Kudos to your team!



For all technology enthusiasts you can now download our source codes for your personal projects

Activity Microcontroller Programming Language Download Sourcecode Link
Traffic light project with Arduino Arduino Arduino Download Link
BoeBot Obstacle Detection with Ultrasonic sensor Basic Stamp PBasic Download Link
Ultrasonic Range Scanner with BoeBot Basic Stamp PBasic Download Link
Distance measurement with an ultrasonic sensor Basic Stamp PBasic To be uploaded soon
HC-06 Bluetooth control project Basic Stamp PBasic To be uploaded soon
Voice automated car project Basic Stamp Pbasic To be uploaded soon
Voice automated car project Arduino Arduino To be uploaded soon
Color Detection project Basic Stamp PBasic To be uploaded soon

Other Applications

Application Operating Systems Pre-requisite Download Sourcecode Link
Circuit designing application Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 Java must be installed Download Link
Atom Builder Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 Java must be installed Download Link