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About Us


We are a technological company located in Accra, Ghana. We specialize in developing computer and mobile applications, and training in robotics and ICT.

Our Offices are open on Mondays- Fridays from 8:30am to 4:30pm. We are also located at No. 10 Lettuce Street Teshie Nungua Estate, Accra. Kindly contact us on Tel:+233(0)20 534 1245, +233(0)55 477 5562


Our vision is to raise a generation of innovative thinking children capable of solving problems through science and technology.

Robotics Project

Register your ward from 7 years and above in our Khalmax Robotics Club (K.R.C) and learn to build robots within six (6) months.

Software and Website Development

With our team of software programmers and analysts. We are ever ready to handle both your software and website contracts in any working field.

Job recruitment

Kindly like our social media handles and be informed on up-to-date news on job vacancies and employee applications in the educational sector.

ICT training

Our passion to to empower children through technology. Feel free to contact us for ICT training for schools, and other institutions.



Robotics training

This is a six(6) months training course where students from 7 years and above will be taught to build robots using simple toys from home.

This programme is suitable for students with little or no experience in robotics or computer programming. Read More>>

Software Development

For the past three(3) years we have been in the business of building software applications for schools, churches, logistics firms and other working institutions. Among the list of our applications on the market are:

SchoolBase 3.8: School Database suite Logistrator: Logistics Database suite ChurchBase: Church Management suite

Job placement

With the increasing trends of unemployment in the country we offer a way to help alleviate such problems. We help job placements and secure employment for teachers, administrators and trainers into various schools in the educational sector whenever vacancies are open.

ICT training

We offer training in ICT, database, website, hardware and software development mainly to students and also to the general public as part of our services. We also seek to organize training workshops upon request from schools to empower children in these fields.

Web design

One of our strongholds is web design and development. We design both static and dynamic websites at low cost for individual and corporate institutions. We also offer content management services on websites.

Mobile App Development

In the age of mobile app development we have expanded our services in these fields. Many of our software application are being designed to have their corresponding mobile apps on android, iOS and windows mobile.


Check out our projects.

Coming soon..BASE 4. Our innovative educational mobile app.

Soon to be available on the: